Invitation to register for the TRIAD meeting 16-18

Invitation to register for the TRIAD meeting 16-18

資料發佈日期: 2020/06/03


Invitation to register for the TRIAD meeting 16-18 June 2020


Sent on behalf of ICM Chief Executive, Sally Pairman:


Dear Member Associations

ICM is co-hosting with ICN and WHO the biennial TRIAD meeting on 16 – 18 June 2020. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic this meeting is being held virtually. All Member Associations are invited to choose a maximum of two delegates to participate as observers. Please see the attached invitation letter. We also ask your help in forwarding the invitations to Midwifery regulators in your countries.


The Triad meeting sessions are held ‘live’ each day: 0800 – 1000 CEST for EURO, SEARO and WPRO and 1600 – 1800 CEST for AFRO, EMRO and PAHO. The two sessions are very similar, and you are asked to attend the session time for your region. Interpretation in WHO’s languages is provided.

There is a different topic each day. Day one focuses on Covid-19, day two on using evidence to make health workforce policy, and day three focuses on the next WHO Global Strategy for Nursing and Midwifery and the TRIAD Statement.

For the strategy discussion ICM has raised the potential for WHO to have separate strategies for midwifery and for nursing. This is not guaranteed but it may be considered, and it will be helpful if there is significant support for this idea.


On Friday 19th June, we have the possibility of hosting a meeting just for the midwives who have attended the TRIAD. In the registration process we will ask you if you are interested in such a meeting, and if there are high levels of interest we will arrange the meeting and notify you of the link.


To register for the TRIAD please click on the link below and complete the questions:


After you have registered you may be sent a questionnaire about your thoughts on priorities the WHO Global Strategy for Nursing and Midwifery, including whether you think midwifery should have its own strategy. We will contact you again about this.


Please register your participation before the 9th of June. The TRIAD is limited to 500 participants for each session, morning and afternoon, and we are very keen to see many midwives participating.


We acknowledge that you are also involved in the ICM Council meeting at this time and we urge you to ensure that you have voted in the main Vote so that ICM governance processes can also continue effectively.  The TRIAD meeting is completely separate to the ICM electronic Council meeting.


We look forward to seeing many of you participate in the TRIAD meeting.

Best wishes, Sally




Charlotte Renard

Membership Coordinator

International Confederation of Midwives
Koninginnegracht 60
2514 AE The Hague
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0) 70 3060520
Fax: +31 (0) 70 3555651


Triad Agenda 05_June_2020.pdf
WHO_ICN_ICM- Joint letter of invitation.pdf




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