Introducing ICM’s New Brand and Website!

Introducing ICM’s New Brand and Website!

資料發佈日期: 2024/02/16


Introducing ICM’s New Brand and Website!


Dear midwives, partners and supporters, 

Over the last few months, at the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) we’ve been hard at work reimagining our brand and revamping our website, giving them a fresh look and making them more accessible to more people. 

Our renewed visual identity reflects the essence of our profession, emphasising the expansive and inclusive nature provided by continuity of midwife care, symbolising the vital partnership between midwives and those we serve. Alongside our visual identity, we have redesigned our website, which is now more accessible and easier to search and navigate. 

As midwives, we are committed to continuously evolving, listening and learning to better meet the needs of those we serve. In our case, it’s about making ICM’s wealth of knowledge and information more accessible to all of you.

We hope you will join us in celebrating this exciting milestone. 

Our New Visual Identity 
Our new logo has evolved, growing to symbolise the expansive and inclusive nature of continuity of midwife care, emphasising the equitable partnership between midwives and the women, gender diverse people and communities we serve.

Retaining our iconic blue and orange colours, our refreshed look is bold and vibrant, representing our global community. And to top it off, we also developed logos for each of our regions, ensuring that our brand reflects the diversity and unity of our international network. Our refresh seeks to ensure accessibility for all, through a new, dynamic colour palette and new, more readable typefaces.  

Our New Website
More Accessible Than Ever 
To go with our new image, we've revamped our website with exciting updates that cater to your needs! We've listened to your feedback and our new site makes it easier for you to access ICM’s knowledge and resources. Our redesigned site is intuitive, accessible, and designed with our global community in mind. We've implemented user-friendly features such as a search bar to streamline navigation and ensure you can quickly find what you're looking for.

Additionally, our revamped resource library allows for easy filtering based on ICM’s Professional Framework for Midwifery, making it simpler than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for (and more!). We've also introduced a dedicated page for member benefits, addressing your requests for clearer information on the support ICM can offer you.  

Don't forget to explore our accessibility features, including tools to adjust font sizes and contrast, ensuring that our website is inclusive for all users. 

Our New Photo Library
We have one more surprise. Over the years we have been frustrated with the lack of photography available to show the full scope of a midwife’s care, and the geographic diversity of our international community. Over the last year we have engaged professional photojournalists from all of ICM’s regions to tell compelling visual stories, capturing midwives in action across various settings, practices, and cultures.

Our diverse collection now boasts over 800 professional photos, highlighting the crucial role that midwives play every day in ensuring that everyone has access to sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn, and adolescent health services. Stay tuned for more information about our photo library and spotlights on our photographers!

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